Jogging Made Easy is a small Inclusive running club offering training for all ages & abilities.

With our relaxed approach, you can train as little or often as the constraints of life allow.


Regardless of race. gender, faith, sexuality, age or any other characteristics, everyone has an

equal chance to participate & have the opportunity to progress if they so choose.


Following the UKA Athlete Development Model, all our sessions are structured to ensure no one gets left behind,

There are no Joining or membership fees, only a small charge of £2 payable at each session. 


Affiliation to England Athletics is available to those with a competitive nature & wanting

to take their running to the next the level.

Performance Standards for both affiliated & unaffiliated members are offered for personal development. 


For those taking their first running steps, our popular C25K courses are available throughout the year.

Course details can be found on facebook - Jogging Made Easy C25K Groups