Welcome to JOGGING MADE EASY.  Running is easy, right? You just put one foot in front of the other and go a bit faster than walking. Well, not exactly...


There are many barriers that prevent us from either taking up running or improving our comfort and performance whilst out clocking up distances of any length. At JOGGING MADE EASY we thought: "what is it that stops people running?", and: "Why do runners feel they're not improving?". We then set out to provide a friendly but informative, encouraging running initiative that people of all abilities can become part of and benefit from. If you've said any of the following to yourself before, then JOGGING MADE EASY can help.


"I don't where to start"

That's OK, we all need to start somewhere. We have beginner sessions that will introduce you to the basic concepts of comfortable running and provide advice on associated fitness, diet, wellbeing and running kit.


"Everyone I know runs faster than me"

...and everyone you know like that will know someone that runs faster than them - there'll always be someone quicker. Our groups cater for all runners - from beginners to grizzled old veterans - in a relaxed environment that caters for all abilities. There's no pressure to run at a specific pace or hit a specific finish time. We're all different, so our abilities and targets will be different also. We help you to achieve the goals that are right for you, without comparisons or pressure to run like someone else.


"I'd like to run but I don't know anyone I can run with"

JOGGING MADE EASY is a great place to make new running friends - we're a sociable bunch who believe that building friendships with people with a common interest can only benefit out enthusiasm for running.


"I've been running for a while, but I don't feel as though I'm improving"

We've all been there! As qualified coaches, we can provide you with all sorts of advice to help you shave those seconds off of your personal bests.


Check out our RUNNING GROUPS and CONTACT DETAILS or alternatively, visit our FACEBOOK page for more details.